Saturday, March 21, 2009

We've arrived in Jerusalem.  It's been a long day and our first hotel did not have us arriving until tomorrow (sun.).  St. George's Cathedral Guest House is full of character.  Sunday we will go to Temple of the Mount and then "Go for a float" as Matt Peterson says, in the Dead Sea.   We had a great meal with Matt and 3 guys from Minnesota.  Tomorrow begins our foot adventure around the city.


  1. Hey there!
    Steve, I left a message on your cellphone today, but you probably won't get it. I just wanted to wish both of you the best on your European excursion. We are praying that you have a safe, enjoyable and adventurous time with a little relaxation included!. Have fun!


  2. OK guys, glad to hear you are there safe and sound. I am constantly thinking of you always 7 hours ahead. So the adventure begins. No room at the Inn upon your arrival. Hope the stables was just as good. Bet Matt was happy to see you.
    Love Mom and FMIL

  3. Steve & Daisy - if you get this message from me, it is after I spent an hour studying Ned's "blogging for dummies". It is the 4th attempt by me to send you a note. I have traveled to a lot of places but have never 'walked where Jesus walked'. What a life changing experience for you. Bring back lots of pics and memories. Now I have figured out how to google. Bruce and I made 2 gallons of maple syrup yesterday. Getting ready for March Madness. Daisy and I are ready for Wed. night with our bottled water and salt. Love and prayers, Barb

  4. Oops, I meant Dixie and I are ready for Wed. night . . . Barb