Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday: Akunamattatta

No worries for the rest of today. Tomorrow? We'll see.

Today, we spent at the beach and going to Dahab to line up our tour guide for Mt. Sinai. We found out that there were no Saturday night/ Sunday morning tours offered because of the Monastery being closed. We decided to rearrange our travel schedule this week with the help of Daisy's Dad and We are headed up the mountain late tonight in order to catch the sunrise on Monday morning. On Monday we will head north, cross into Israel and go to the Dead Sea for an overnight stay and a dip. Originally we intended to go all the way up north to Tiberius in the Galilean region.

If we are not able to get online on Monday, first thing on Tuesday will be to go up Masada, another monument to good old King Herod and interesting story for the people of Israel.

Enjoy the photos of our purposeful preparation for our hike.


  1. Can't wait to hear about Mt. Sinai trip. Will be waiting. I bet it was amazing. Glad to see you resting. I wonder how many miles that you will have covered by foot when you are finished? Can't wait for the stories and all the pictures. Take care and be safe,
    Love Mom and FMIL

  2. We are now official followers! Glad you were able to rearrange your itinerary to do your Mt. Sinai climb, at least we think you did.

    It has been fun to follow your blog. Take in as much as you can.

    This afernoon I will be talking with my barber
    who recently came back from a guided tour of Israel. It will be interesting to hear about his experiences, probably not as exciting as yours.

    Everyone here doing well.