Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Soaked in the Old City

Today we spent more time at the Western Wall. One of the highlights of the trip was the tour we took that brought us underground to the tunnels and archaeological excavation of the Temple Mount. Steve was fascinated with King Herod's accomplishments of engineering and construction. One of the pictures is of a block that weighs over 570 tons. It is the size of a small bus. Engineers can only guess how they might have moved it.

After the tunnel tour, we went on a self guided tour of the archaeological digs around the Temple Mount. It was incredible to see how the Romans destroyed the place, toppling rocks from 50 feet above the walls.

We also walked to the Garden of Gethsemane, but if we would have paid closer attention to the times posted in our book, we would have known that the garden and every other site over in that direction was closed from noon until 2:30pm. Again, we walk a ton. Steve even has reached a new hole in his belt in order to keep his pants from sagging.

We went to Bethlehem by bus for only 6 Shekels each. When we arrived at the Church of the Nativity, we were astonished at the site of Jesus' birth. We never knew that there was also a ornate silver star in the stable. Who knew?

Oh, we forgot to share with you that it rained all day (poured would be the better term). In packing, Daisy asked Steve if it would be a good idea to bring a rain jacket. Steve said "no, I don't think you will need that." Well it rained and we we found umbrellas in the marked f0or 15 shekels each ($3.75 ea.) What a deal... until you leave them on the bus that took you up to Bethlehem... Argh!!!


  1. We all look forward to tomorrow nights web cam sighting from you guys. Can't believe how much you are taking in. Your shoes must be wearing out. Your pants are getting loose, you are there without rain gear. I will play my violin. Stay healthy though. Dogs are having a blast. I keep reading your blogs over and over and am dazed at what you are experiencing.
    Love Mom and FMIL.

  2. ATTENTION BLOG CHALLENGED FOLLOWERS! I wrote a tutorial for viewing and posting. If you need help please contact Daisy's dad...

    Other than that, it seems like you two are making the most of your time there. I feel like mom and I should have been with you during the day on our motorcycles intercepting your route and cheering you on... Oh, that was Twin Cities Marathon... That's my cartoon bubble challenging me. I can only liken the emotional experience you may be encountering by walking in the footsteps of Jesus to one I had when viewing something historical. All of a sudden I was overcome with awe and thought "what stories this could tell if it could talk"... that it was witness to much more than I might read or imagine... And I am proud of you Daisy... it must be genetic... look through the defensive slots and ensure clear fields of fire etc... Thanks for such great and timely postings & pictures.
    Love Dad & FFIL