Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tired Feet

We got up early this morning after a late night at Matt Peterson's place. We were able to get into our original hotel. From there we headed toward the Old City to go to the Temple Mount (Dome of the Rock & Wailing Wall). Our plans changed and we decided not to make the trek over to the Dead Sea today. At the end of our travels, we will get there.

While walking through the old city, we found ourselves along the Via de La Rosa (The path that Jesus carried his cross). We were surprised by how many street vendors there were.

In the afternoon, we walked through a park on our way to the monestary of the cross, a place where people think the tree was cut in order to make Jesus' Cross. Being it was Sunday, we found out that the monestary was closed. After the long walk back we went to the shrine of the book, a museum that holds many artifacts of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This was amazing to see partial pieces of manuscript that were 2000 yearsl old.

We ventured into the open air market to see what the Food Festival was about. It was a special night where restaraunts tried to showcase their food. Consiquently, everyone in the surrounding area wanted to go there too. It was packed like the Macy's Day Parade.

Tonight we said good bye to Keven Matt and Brent who are headed back to Minnesota early tomorrow morning. We continue to love the food here and put many miles of walking in each day.


  1. What a feeling that must be to be there and walk among the places that Jesus did. That is so hard to comprehend. The pictures are great. Was great to see and talk to you on the web cam today. I think we are getting the hang of all this technical stuff. It is amazing. You are sleeping now, so rest well for tomorrows journeys and keep safe.
    Love Mom and FMIL

  2. We are enjoying your updates. Keep a good journal so if we ever travel to Israel we have expert advice. We will be anxious to see you "floating" on the Dead Sea!
    Tell Matt to take good care of you ;0).

    ~Margie and Harlan