Monday, March 30, 2009

Nearer to God on the Mountain

This blog will be a bit shorter because we have only slept for maybe 4 hours in the last 40 hours. We joined a handful of people at 11pm on a mini bus to go to Mt. Sinai on Sunday night. Our group had to choose a group name for our Bedouin Guide who was leading us up the mountain. We came up with “UN.” Out of the 8 of us, there were 6 different nationalities represented. They were fun to hike with at 2:00am on Monday morning.

It was a long and steady climb up to the mountain where most people believe God gave to Moses the Ten Commandments. Both Daisy and I think that if we would have seen the peak, we would not have had the same attitude about climbing. It was unbelievably…COLD up there at sunrise. 30 degrees was what my thermometer was reading.

While hiking up the mountain, a good story came to mind of how we nick-named a friend’s little brother Moses after he lit the bush on the side of their house on fire and brought in the whole city’s fire department. This one is for you, Fook-Moses.

Enjoy the Pictures. We are wiped out and have a big day ahead of us tomorrow. The border crossing went smooth, but every little item from my backpack was pulled out and scrutinized and inspected. Somehow the customs people weren’t interested in my Bible???

Steve & Daisy

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  1. Just incrediable! Spectacular! Marvelous! What is on your guys forehead? Are those head lights? Where did you stay on the Mt.? Easter will be so fun this year sitting around and listening to the stories. The water behind you is beautiful. Hope you got to bed at a reasonable time tonight, don't get sick from being run down.
    Love Mom and FMIL