Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Rock: Lesson Learned

The purpose for our stop in Jordan was to visit this unbelievable civilization that left behind rock formations and cave dwellings in Petra. Most notable to Westerners by Indiana Jones' adventures, not having a camera battery with you will create your own adventure in seeking out other tourists with digital cameras using SD memory cards. Steve's stomach sank as we stopped for a scenic overlook midway to Petra and found that the reason the camera was not turning on was due to no battery in the camera. The battery was back at the hotel from being charged over night! STINK!

We ended up buying a Kodak disposable camera for 15 Dinars ($21.14 US Dollars!!) We found a few English speaking tourists to take our picture using the memory card that we had from our camera. A couple nice folks will also be emailing us a few photos as well.

We would love to show you Daisy's great adventure of riding a camel, but that will have to wait. We will have to process photographs the old fashion way... bringing in actual film to be processed. Lesson Learned! This ranks right up there with making sure you have a full tank of gas, milk in the refrigerator and batteries in your camera!!! After almost 10 years of marriage, Daisy responded so graciously and kept up the Anderson spirit!

After this camera adventure, we still enjoyed Petra and await the 27 photos yet to be developed. Tommorrow we go to Dahab, Egypt by a fast ferry across the Red Sea.

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  1. Seems like you been gone along time now. I am so happy you guys have this time to explore the holy land and have this time together. Was fun for the kids to see you on the web cam wednesday night. We look forward to next wednesday night to see you again. Can't wait to see Daisy on the camel. What was that like? Miss you.
    Love Mom and FMIL