Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday Rest & Search

Saturday we wandered the town of Dahab, Egypt in search for a tour group to go up Mt. Sinai. We were already concerned before we went to town about the St. Kathrine's being closed on a Sunday. The best time to go is late in the evening the night before, drive and hike up the mountain in the dark in order to see the sunrise. With the Monestery closed on Sunday, we found that there were no tour groups going up. We found one guide who would take just the two of us, but we passed due to safety in numbers.

Arriving here later on Friday with the chaos, we didn't feel much like exploring and finding a tour guide... in hindsight, we should have pushed through and gone up Friday night when we first arrived.

Saturday we hung out at our hotel and then went into the slow paced town known for scuba diving and beachside dining. It felt a bit like a tourist town in Mexico with each restaurant owner shoving smelly "fresh catch of the day" platters on you to come eat at their restaurant. I had to breathe deep and offer grace to each person who stood in our path, walk around them and say "no" numerous times.

It feels like we have unplugged from our Biblical Adventure while we are chilling at the Red Sea. We can't wait to get back to the biblical sites. When we learned about Moses parting the sea and leading God's People out of egypt, Flannel Graph story boards don't do this place justice with the clear blue waters in front of our small sunning shelter.

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