Monday, March 8, 2010

We traveled by plane from Minneapolis to Chicago to connect with a great group of college students from North Park University. After introducing ourselves to a couple of students one of them came back to me and said, “wait, are you Super Steve?” (a nickname students have called me over the years.) One of the college students who attends NPU from our church must have told him, that his youth pastor, Super Steve, was going on the same trip. Weird.

We had a direct flight to New Delhi. The pilot of the plane seemed overjoyed with the announcement that we were ahead of schedule and he would hope to get us at our destination 30 minutes early. After 14 hours on a plane, 30 minutes didn’t seem like a cause for spontaneous celebration.

After landing in Delhi, customs went smoothly. The college students are staying in a Hostel while Boaz Johnson, Kyle Small and the two of us are in a guest house/hotel. The main office of Truthseekers is a 2 minute walk from our stay.

Our first experience on the streets of Delhi can only be described as something similar to playing the game Mario Cart. Traffic signs and painted lines are all suggestions… and driving on the left side of the road takes some getting used to.

Today, Monday, we have orientation and get to meet the staff of Truthseekers, exchange money, shop for an Indian outfit and get trained. As a team, we took time washing one another's feet. Pictured is Sunil Sardar (wearing the hat), who started Truthseekers and the man washing his feet is Professor Boaz Johnson from North Park University.

It is awesome how in the big and little details, we have had our needs met. We wait in expectation to see how God will work in the hearts of people. We await the sunrise to see what this land has in store for us.

Steve & Daisy

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