Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day Two
Today is Tuesday. I still chuckle to myself when I look at my watch and realize we are a half a world away. Today was an amazing journey through the slums of Delhi. Boaz Johnson, who is along with us on the trip is a professor at North Park University and he grew up in a nearby slum. As we walked down the road where he grew up, we all realized that this was something special. We met the family who is living in his old home. They welcomed us in and Boaz was greeted quietly like a home town hero. They offered us tea and some snacks to us. The family had very little yet they offered us much.

After lunch we toured a Sikh temple. Interesting. The kitchen in the temple where they offer food to anyone who needs to eat, feeds 20,000 daily. The kitchen is more than industrial… and yet because you are in a temple, everyone is barefoot. Sikhs (seeks) are most commonly identified by their head wrap (turban). Another lesson in a major religion of this area of the world.

Next came our first footwashing service. Local community leaders arrange these gatherings with Truthseekers. We washed the feet of Muslims and Hindus. We were told this gathering is quite rare because of the two groups of people. Barriers seemed to be broken. Even one leader washed his wife’s feet. Serving your wife is unheard of in India. There were also about 200 kids who came, but weren’t able to wash everyone’s feet.

We were all quite overwhelmed by the end of the day from our experience.

5am train ride to remote untouchable neighborhood tomorrow. Yikes!

Grace & Peace,
Steve & Daisy

ps. Steve had his first taste of spicy Indian food today. His Norwegian blood could barely handle the heat.

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