Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 6

On Saturday, we traveled to a part of Delhi where a group of nomadic people dwell in a tent city. These people were once considered Thieves in the caste system. Now they are not considered thieves but no status has been given to them. The government does not recognize them, as if the USA refused to give a Social Security card to someone and say, you are not valuable. Deshbandae, one of the Truthseeker staff, has started a school to teach the kids of the tent city. They have no access to school as non registered people. He brings apples every day for the children. There are two "school" rooms with about 20-25 kids in each. Along with Deshbandae, there are 2 other women teachers that teach the kids. All the people living here are Muslim yet they accept Deshbandae and what he is doing for their children.

Khanta is a woman who organized Friday's foot washing rally. She is a leader in her neighborhood. After going to the tent city, Khanta invited us to go back to her home. A humble 400 square foot apartment was what she opened up to us. We packed into the largest room (bedroom) and she told us her story of how she came to follow Jesus. She is an amazing woman.

We Shopped a bit at a market. My simple purchase was a set of 6 stainless steel drinking cups, purchased across the street from the market. The shop keeper looked at me a bit crooked as I became excited to find the right cups I was looking for. Stainless steel is durable and simple. It is a basic cup of the lower caste people and easier to clean compared to a plastic cup. What a find!

We had a closing dinner and it was off to the airport with the whole group.

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