Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday in Galilee

Today was the most peaceful day of the journey. We spent the day touring around the Sea of Galilee. We went to Capernaum, where Jesus called his first disciples to follow him.

We also went to the Mount of the Beatitudes (Matthew 5-7). This place was very peaceful and absolutely breathtaking. There are many scents of spring in the air here.

We also drove around the sea of Galilee in our little car. It is much smaller than the flannel graph stories from my youth.

The Jordan river is a very protected stream of water. However, there is only one portion that is safe to visit. Many are baptised in the Jordan River. We were surprised to See so much wildlife around and in the river. One caution to the wise... Holy Water is not for consumption.

The Internet her is spotty and I frequently get disconnected. Thursday will be Caesarea, Mt. Tabor and a few other places on the way back to Jerusalem.

Steve & Daisy


  1. WOW! I am getting out of words. What a trip! Looks like you will be heading back to Jerusalem tomorrow. Look forward to hearing from you again tonight at 7:30 pm. Maybe Daisy will be awake for this one??? Then maybe not. Anyway keep having the time of your life.
    Love Mom and FMIL

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  3. Hope you had a chance to see the synagogue in Capernaum and St. Peter's house. And you're absolutely correct--the Jordan's not for drinking!