Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday-Leaving The Galilee

Today we left the Galilean area and ventured up hill to Mt. Tabor where the Transfiguration took place (Mt 17). The mount looks like a giant hump amidst little rolling hills until we had to drive the switchbacks all the way up.From Tabor we went to Megiddo which some people think will be the location of Armagedon. 19 civilizations had been unearthed at this location. The highlight of the short time here was the water tunnel.

Next we drove to see Mt Carmel. In trying to get there we traveled through Haifa. We arrived at the ancient sea port of Caesarea. I was in awe at the Roman tribute that Herod had built and the enormity of the city. The Mediterranean sets the perfect stage for the site. Herod did nothing small. The aqua duct transported fresh warter from over 17 miles away. With that much fresh water, might as well build a fresh water pool in your palace, a bath house and hot tubs. Stepping on marble pieces as we walk along the paths are a sign that nothing built by the hands of man is permanent.

We are sad that our trip is shortly coming to a close. Friday is packed with many last minute locations and shopping.

Grace and Peace,
Steve & Daisy

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